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The maintenance of your floors need not be a time consuming experience.

To maintain and keep your floors looking brand new, here are a few tips to assist you

Immediately After Polishing

Furniture can be moved back onto your new floors 48 hours after the last coat has been applied.

It is very important, however, to ensure you are careful when placing your furniture back onto the polished floor as dragging anything across polished floors will leave marks and scratches.

Dining room chairs should have felt placed underneath the legs of the chairs to avoid scratches.

Cleaning Suggestions

Brooms and steam mops are NOT good cleaning tools for timber floors and if vacuums are used be sure the brush head component is in good condition to avoid scratches.

Rectangle dry mops are very easy to use and are perfect for cleaning your polished floors.

When mopping your timber floors 2 cup full of Earth choice floor and surface used with warm water in a mop bucket is the best way to keep your floors looking beautiful.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I have used Ben for a couple of years now. I have had him do everything from sanding and polishing internal stairs and floors to sanding decks. Have recommended to many people.

Drew M


“Ben did a wonderful job restoring the old, scratched floors in my Redcliffe house back to their original beauty.
Thank you Ben!”

Julie J




We offer a range of premium floor sanding and floor polishing services covering   the northside of Brisbane  area. 



We use the latest technology to deliver top quality results and we offer the option of environmentally friendly finishes 



Maintaining your beautiful floors need not be difficult. To maintain and keep your floors looking brand new, here are few tips to assist you


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