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Supreme Sanding are the specialists in sanding and polishing of all types of timber.

We offer a range of premium floor sanding and floor polishing services covering the entire Brisbane area. No floor sanding job is too big or too small. From small residential projects to large commercial projects, Supreme Sanding do it all.

We use the lastest technology to deliver top quality results and we offer the option of environmentally friendly finishes which are applied by qualified tradesmen.

We also specialise in the replacement of tongue and groove flooring.

For beautifully sanded floors, at reasonable rates, contact us for a full evaluation of your specific project. We'll show you what is possible and are happy to provide an obligation free quotation on request, so that you can make an informed decision on which direction is right for you.

Ben Jones, proprietor of Supreme Sanding, has 20 years’ experience in the timber flooring industry.

You can rest assured that the refurbishment of your floors will be a professional, painless experience. Ben, himself, will be onsite to oversee the works and guarantee a prompt reliable service

High quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail will accompany us on every job. We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our team have completed work throughout Brisbane and Pine Rivers. Get in contact with us today to find out how we can help you.

Floor Sanding

A wood floor would normally take several passes with up to four grades of abrasive paper until we are happy with the finish. This process is dependent on the type of wood being sanded and the degree it has been soiled

Floor Sealers

We have some professional flooring finishes to apply to the floor next. Our varnish is water-based, which gives a clear finish and enhances the look of the floor without adding any colour. Our oil is also clear, but will provide a slightly richer tone to the finished wood


Most of the time your old floor will look best finished displaying its natural colour. But there are times it can be improved or changed to suit your taste with the use of wood dye prior to applying the floor finish. We have various different coloured dyes and can often carry out little sample patches on your floor to help you choose while work is in progress.

Floor Finishing

We need to apply 3 coats of varnish or 2 coats of oil at this stage, usually at daily intervals. Once the floors are sanded and cleaned we can apply the first layer of finish. After the coat has dried, and if it is water-based, we lightly abrade the surface to cut back the raised wood grain and then apply a second layer of finish. This process is repeated until the desired effect is obtained.

When single rooms are to be sanded and polished, environmentally friendly, non toxic waterbased finishes are always a good option.

Solvent based polyurethanes are a great tough hard wearing finish but, unfortunately, they have potent lingering fumes when in liquid form. Because of this, living in houses with these fumes is dangerous and strongly not recommended.

Twenty four hours after the last coat is applied, you will be able to walk in socks to open windows and the fumes will dissipate very quickly.

To maintain and keep your floors looking brand new here are a few tips to assist you.

Furniture can be moved back onto your new floors 48 hours after the last coat has been applied. It is very important to ensure you are careful when placing your furniture back onto the polished floor as dragging anything across polished floors will leave marks and scratches. Dining room chairs should have felt placed underneath the legs of the chairs to avoid scratches.

Brooms and steam mops are NOT good cleaning tools for timber floors and if vacuums are used be sure the brush head component is in good condition to avoid scratches.

Rectangle dry mops are very easy to use and are perfect for cleaning your polished floors. When mopping your timber floors 2 cup full of Earth choice floor and surface used with warm water in a mop bucket is the best way to keep your floors looking beautiful.